James Clerk Maxwell was  hailed as the No 1 Scientist in a National Library of Scotland poll, and the 4th most important topic in Scotland’s History by a BBC poll.

Scottish Parliament Debate on
James Clerk Maxwell
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The Man Who Changed Everything: The Life of James Clerk Maxwell
by Basil Mahon

"..a sympathetic, eminently readable and interesting biography of one of the intellectual giants of the 19th century." IEE Review

"..beautifully clear and accessible ... This is an entertaining and gripping read .."  Good Book Guide

"...an absorbing account of Maxwell's life and work" Sunday Telegraph Review

"...provides the reader with the opportunity to understand Maxwell's contributions to modern science and technology." The Mathematical Gazette

"..Mahon does a good job of raising the profile of the greatest of all Scots Scientists…" Sunday Herald

"..Full of warmth and personal detail…an inspiring account of a man with legendary imagination.." Materials World

Einstein's Heroes: Imagining the World Through the Language of Mathematics
by Robyn Arianrhod

"Einstein had pictures of three people on his wall - Maxwell, Faraday and Newton, and it is these heroes that are at the centre of the book. Maxwell is the key figure” Popular Science

"Excellent exploration of the move of maths to centre stage in physics, mostly focussing on the life and work of James Clerk Maxwell." Popular Science
"Language, as Robyn Arianrhod points out, profoundly affects what we see in the world. And, because the language of nature appears to be mathematics, we are pretty much blind if we don't know that language. In Einstein's Heroes, Arianrhod drives home her point with the example of James Clerk Maxwell... This is a delightful book full of anecdote and historical colour." New Scientist
"the book reads like a good novel, so much so that the closing lines of the last chapter (four equations and seven words) moved me to tears. Sydney Morning Herald

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