James Clerk Maxwell was  hailed as the No 1 Scientist in a National Library of Scotland poll, and the 4th most important topic in Scotland’s History by a BBC poll.

Scottish Parliament Debate on
James Clerk Maxwell
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2006 FAQ

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Question:  How may I help spread the word about James Clerk Maxwell?
    Answer:  Please distribute the following message as widely as possible:

    “Who Was James Clerk Maxwell?

 He was one of the greatest scientists who ever lived, and yet most people have never heard of him!

 2006 is the 175th anniversary of the birth in Edinburgh, Scotland, of the man who laid the foundations for many of the scientific and technological advances of the last 100 years.  By discovering the nature of electromagnetic waves he made possible television, radio, radar and the mobile phone.  He also made major contributions to many other areas of physical science.

 To learn more about this inspiring man please go to http://www.clerkmaxwellfoundation.org

Question:  How may I contribute financially to the work of the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation?
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