James Clerk Maxwell was  hailed as the No 1 Scientist in a National Library of Scotland poll, and the 4th most important topic in Scotland’s History by a BBC poll.

Scottish Parliament Debate on
James Clerk Maxwell
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 Below we have provided a list of helpful links to the organizations connected with Maxwell Year 2006.


City of Edinburgh
The City of Edinburgh’s web site 


Edinburgh Academy
James Clerk Maxwell was educated at  Edinburgh Academy


University of Edinburgh


Heriot-Watt University


Institute of Physics in Scotland

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James Clerk Maxwell Foundation
Provides information on Clerk Maxwell and operates a small museum in his birthplace at 14 India Street, Edinburgh  


National Museums of Scotland


Royal Society of Edinburgh

Maxwell Institute
Mathematical Sciences

Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences
A new joint research institute, pooling all research and postgraduate work in the  mathematical departments at the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University. 


James Clerk Maxwell Telescope
With a diameter of 15m the JCMT is the largest astronomical telescope in the world designed specifically to operate in the submillimeter wavelength region of the spectrum. The JCMT is used to study our Solar System, interstellar dust and gas, and distant galaxies. It is situated close to the summit of Mauna Kea, Hawaii, at an altitude of 4092m.